May Moments

I take a decent amount of pictures and it's always difficult deciding what to post and how to group it.  These are all of the pictures of times I'd like to remember from this past month!  

Owen helped with a garage sale at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house and sold water to make some money- he made almost $25!
The next day, he decided he wanted to set up a stand at the end of our driveway.  He became bored very quickly and no one stopped by in the ten minutes he spent out there.  Actually only a few cars drove by.  We decided he needs to find a busier street.
He thought this mask was so funny and likes surprising us with it!  I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be PeeWee Herman...
Eva decided it was time to cut her hair.  She wanted it to look more like mine.  She also was getting tired of tangly hair and it feeling like she has spiders crawling on her shoulders.  I decided to take her to the Warren County Career Center for an inexpensive cut right around the corner from us.  She did so well and was really excited about it!

It go hot pretty quickly, so we rigged up a water slide for the kids.

We love going to Aunt Heather's coffee shop to visit and work.  Our niece, Alex, had her graduation party there.  Owen walked around collecting people's trash from their tables and they were tipping him! He made $27!  This kid is getting to be all about the money!

Ahhh, summer evenings at Grandma and Poppy's pond are awesome!
Eva's first tethered kayaking experience!  I'm thinking she'll be on her own soon!
We are working on a playhouse/shop for the kids and Owen was helping Dad by bringing loads of gravel to the work site with his mini Gator.  He is all about doing real work!

Such silly kids!
Owen doing test runs on his automatic marshmallow roaster.  He loves turning all the recycled stuff he collects into something new.   Huge messes, scraps, glue gun globs and partial projects are a constant in our home.  I am thankful for this beautiful, kid-height table that Andy built for us!  It has been everything I'd hoped it would be!
We are so fortunate to live very close to my parents and brother.  Ian has developed a special bond with his cousin, Jane.  He just loves to snuggle with her!

Owen's best friend is his cousin, Evan.  They are three months apart and love pretending they are twins.  Here they are showing off their front gaps!
We had some stumps removed and the gravel driveway remodeled with our Bobcat friend.  Ian and Eva insist on calling it a 'Bottlecap'.
Owen has been enjoying spending time with Monty.  Setting up poses for me to photograph is a favorite activity.  "Mom, bring your camera, this is so great!"  Or "Come outside, you've gotta see this, it is so epic!"
We've been keeping up with our raised beds better than ever before this year! We've planted lettuces, kale, spinach, asparagus, cilantro, marigolds, beets, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, radishes and one corn plant(at Owen's request- he didn't want to hear that we didn't really have room for corn).
We've moved Owen's fairy/rock garden to be near the playhouse area since he'll be spending a lot of time there and it's nice and shady.
We found a gray tree frog near his garden when we were moving some items!  It was fun to watch its sticky feet.