Thursday, May 11, 2017

April Pictures

This spring has been beautiful! We have spent a lot of time outdoors on projects, exploring and playing.  We (mostly Eva and I) painted a peace pole for our garden... It now has a lovely home next to our Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  
 This is our "snake pit" in the playscape in our woods.
 This is Eva with her favorite spring flower, the Hellebore.
 Ian's favorite stump in the woods.  He is just so happy when he sits on it!!!
 Riding his "fast bike" in his PJs.
 This is how boots end up at our house- faded and torn up!  Owen got some new ones :)
 Poppy gave Owen this antler he found while mowing!  It's a big one!  He has the paper towel in his mouth because his tooth was about to fall out.
  Missing his two front teeth!  And posing with the scene he has built.  He found a good spot for the antler but the dog keeps taking it away to chew on it, so he had to find a new spot!
 Close up on his logging truck and tree farm.
 The craziest bunny you'll ever see!
 Some new gravel for the driveway.
 That's why we got the new gravel... so they could test the off road capabilities of the Gator!
 Peaceful times watching the fish off the dock at Grandma and Poppy's.
 Eva and Owen thought it would be funny to dress up Monty like a king and have him write with his paw.
 Dreams do come true... Owen is giddy over his new, real cash register from Aunt Heather.  He plans to use it in his donut, pretzel, pizza and ice cream shop one day.
 A Rhoad's ball machine our Pediatrician's office.  We could stand there and watch for days.
 Sponge painting some buildings.
 Owen is in the zone.  Measuring, lining things up and assembly lines are things he really enjoys right now.
 A test batch of pretzel bites for his shop.  They turned out beautifully!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

One of our favorite places to be... our creek!

Right in our backyard, there is a magical place that we go to explore, breathe and think.  We love seeing how it changes throughout the year.  This spring, heavy, fast rains have caused the water level to be at an all time high.  We have discussed the effects of erosion as trees, honeysuckle and rocks have washed away from the bank. Each new rain uncovers a fresh batch of fossils that have been buried beneath the earth for millions of years.  Exciting, right?  We find new creatures each time we visit the creek and turn over rocks.  Owen likes to bring earthworms and pill bugs to Ian constantly because they are his favorite.  Ian talks about how cute they are and shows us all, but tells us to be careful with his pets.

 We found some great clay on the bank and have used it to make unfired pots, paint rocks and decorate our bodies and faces.
 Our first salamander ever!  So cute!!! 
 Our cousins and friends love to play at the creek too!  Here they are working together to build a dam.
 Investigating the tiny crayfish they found!
  Bringing the crayfish up to a habitat for some further investigations.
 Ian is a persistent one!  He has crossed this creek hundreds of times... just to practice.  He loves getting wet, just so he has an excuse to take all of his clothes off :)  
 Eva has really started getting into finding new creatures and exploring new areas of our property.  One day she followed Mayo, our dog, through the woods beyond the creek just to see where he would take her.  She fit through all the paths he had made through the honeysuckle, because she is so small, but I had a terrible time trying to keep up with them!  He ended up showing her a hole under the fence that he uses to access the neighbor's cattle farm behind us.  I'm glad I caught up with her, as she was about to follow him under the fence!
 A crazy girl showing off some of the crazy flooding on the banks of our creek!

 One of the bigger earthworms we have found!