Spring Snippets

We made a paper mache volcano and made it explode until we ran out of baking soda and vinegar!
 We found another dead crayfish and explored, sketched (I sketched, Owen added lines and details) and read about the lives of these cool crustaceans.  The next week we found a live one in the creek to observe movement and see the pinchers work!
 A hot spring day of exploring and playing!
 It got cold again, so we had the smallest fire ever inside and roasted tiny marshmallows on it!!!
 We made an apple pie for Pi Day, March 14th!
 We made green, peppermint, glitter play dough for St. Patrick's day and met up with some fellow homeschoolers for some fun.
 The kids have been catching stink bugs and building Lego houses for them with food and water!
 Ian loves making tea with Mommy :)
 Owen is so proud of his well maintained worm, slug and grub habitat!  This has lead to a lot of reading and research about the lives of various creatures we find outdoors.
 Eva, just bringing her coloring outside at Grandma and Poppy's to hang with the chickens!
 Ian and his cousin, Kellen, pretending to cut the tree apart.
 We researched how to make a bow and made one!  Now to make the arrows!
 A sneak attack on a mini marshmallow that Owen created in our sand/loose parts table.
 Ian is pretty happy to be sitting in the driver's seat!  One of his favorite places to be!
 Looking at pollen on a Carpenter Bee with a microscope.  It was pretty cool!
 Bring out the bounce house!
 Beautiful Eva, working on some pen drawings!  She likes drawing houses, people, snow men, cherry trees and flowers right now.