Early March Outings

We got through some of the last cold days of winter with some indoor outings.  The National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton is always a good time.  This was Ian's first trip there and he loved it!  Eva decided she doesn't want to go with us next time.  Owen decided to buy the kids something from the gift shop with his own money and was shocked at how much he spent.  Now he wants to have a garage sale to get some money back! 

We brought Grandma Leuzinger along to visit the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal this time.  The kids loved seeing the construction work on the exterior of the building.  We checked out most of the exhibits again and still loved the ball area and pretend play areas the best.

We visited with Aunt Heather at her coffee shop and picked up some trash on her patio.  The kids got paid in cupcakes and gold dollars, so they were thrilled! After that, we did some exploring in Springboro and decided to check out Milo Beck Park.  It was such a great discovery!  The rocky creek bed and nearby sand/mud area were entertaining for all and I was able to sit peacefully and drink my Caramel Macchiato!  We loved the old silo on the property.  It was filled with water bottles and other trash so we decided to go back the next day to clean it up.  Owen loves picking up trash!