Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year we had Darth Vader, Bumblebee and Red Power Ranger.  Our friends were Batgirl and a ghost.  Best halloween ever!  Ian was great at saying Trick or Treat and Thank You! He loved running around with the big kids!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Camping at Whitewater State Park, IN

We spent a beautiful October weekend at Whitewater State Park with some great friends!  They graciously shared their family's huge RV with us.  The kids even were able to watch a movie outside!  We were close to the playground so the kids ran back and forth all weekend long!  Great time for the kids and adults :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Eva and her love of all things artsy

I love to watch Eva hard at work at the art table.  She is so focused, precise and knows when her work is done!  It is as if she experiments with different techniques until she finds what looks right to her.  Below is a small fraction of the artwork that she creates. (Save your scrap paper for her- she'd appreciate it!)  She mass produces and then moves on to another method with a new media.  Definitely a lot of out of the box thinking going on here!

The Rest of the Cincinnati Museum Center

Last month, we visited the Cincinnati Museum Center and only were able to see half of the exhibits.  This time, we saw everything else and spent almost 4 hours playing!!!  A new record for us!  Everyone was worn out and fell asleep for the ride home :) Owen overcame his fear of escalators on this trip!  The kids got to pet a Bearded Dragon, hang out in the freshwater aquarium by themselves, take care of babies and pets, shop at the pretend grocery, play in the ball room and work at a construction site.  Everyone had an amazing time!

All Sorts of Fun!

We have been enjoying the nice weather with park visits and a lot of outside playtime!  We went to North Park in Springboro, picked raspberries at Grandma and Poppy's, drove our remote control car, made pancakes, found a monarch caterpillar while cleaning out the garden, continued to dig in our giant hole in the driveway and did the USA puzzle over and over!  Owen was pleased that we were able to get his camera working again. Now he is experimenting with making video tutorials of Lego builds!  The last picture is of the kids wrestling in the grass- one of their new favorite activities!