Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We're loving September!

This week was filled with beautiful weather!  We visited Oak Grove Park in Centerville to see the ducks, play at the playground and work out on the fitness equipment.  Owen has been into getting bigger muscles lately- always flexing and having us feel his arms!  

Owen has been wanting a hamster lately, but we thought it might be hard with Ian being so curious.  So we decided on fish.  I thought we should buy 3 since they were only 28 cents each! We named them Monster Truck, Eva and Ranger.  I'm a fish newbie and thought the fish would do okay in a fish bowl... but by day three they were coming up to the surface gasping for air.  We ended up doing a lot of research on goldfish habitats and needs.  We decided to buy a 10 gallon tank (they probably need bigger, but we just thought the others were too big for our house!), filter, pump, decor, water test kit and water conditioner on Amazon and at the local pet store.  This turned into quite an expensive endeavor, but we have learned a lot so far! The fish seem much happier now :)

We took the kids kayaking this weekend at Caesar's Creek, but they seemed to enjoy playing on the beach more than the kayaks this time.  We also went Cosmic Bowling at Capri Lanes and the kids had a ton of fun!  The lights and music were so fun!

The kids (Owen and Eva) worked on another train city, but used the Magnatiles this time and balanced buildings on top of their bridge.  Ian was mostly focused on knocking it down!  We also played Play-Doh, investigated toads and butterflies, did sensory play with water beads, and built several vehicles with Legos (he is showing off his ice cream truck in the photo below).

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Learning at home

We did a lot this week at our house.  Crafts, Lowe's Build and Grow (Avengers), electronics, nature exploration, fungus and spider investigations, Lego Titanic building (and floating/sinking), digging, building with wood, city planning, science experiments, hail/water cycle and trains were our areas of focus.  We had fun and enjoyed the cooler temperatures!  It was nice to be outside more!

Harmon Park

This week we stayed around Lebanon and visited the caboose in downtown and walked over to Harmon Park.  Reading the signs, I found that this park began a national movement of small town parks all over the US.  There is interesting information all around us!