Monday, August 29, 2016

Ian is TWO!!!

Ian had a great birthday!  We went to the park, made a cake, had a tea party- with real tea!!!, played outside and had some pizza.  I haven't written much about Ian in awhile- he has kept me so busy cleaning up messes and chasing him around that I haven't been able to!  Some things to know about Ian: he loves to get dirty, play in water, give hugs, eat popsicles and ice cream cones and drive the Gator.  The dogs have a love/hate relationship with him, as he snuggles with them a lot, but also experiments with hitting and pulling on their tails.  He is into watching Ninjago and Power Rangers right now and loves to do crazy ninja moves with tiny Lego swords.  He is exceptional at casting a fishing rod.  His favorite books right now are Brown Bear and Hop Hop.  Ian is brave at the playground, climbing and running around like the big kids and spinning on the spinner-seats.

What a great year it has been!
Happy Birthday Ian!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Giant Puffballs OH MY!

So, we've had a lot of cool things in our woods over the years... but this is our first year for giant puffballs.  There are eleven! The kids loved seeing them and measuring them.  We even read/watched videos about them and found out they truly are edible but can cause stomach issues in some, especially when consumed raw.  We are looking forward to seeing how big the puffballs get.  So far, 9 inches in diameter is the largest.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cox Arboretum with Grandma!

We took a morning trip to Cox Arboretum in Dayton with Grandma Leuzinger.  It was a beautiful day just as the weather was beginning the slow transition into fall.  My absolute favorite time of year!  We loved the big fish in the pond, a turtle sunning on a log, the butterflies and caterpillars in the Butterfly House and the tall Treehouse!  We can wait to go back!  We picked up a brochure on planning a butterfly garden in our backyard (a project for the spring perhaps!) and some Monarch tattoos from the great display they had set up in their visitor center.

Carillon Historical Park Visit

We visited Carillon Historical Park in Dayton this weekend.  Owen loved the old buildings and how things were made in the old days.  He thought the old camera, Wright Brothers Airplane (he still wants to know how they got it in the building!), tube slides, mini railroad track with working switches, steam engine and printing press were especially cool.  There was a man doing a demonstration in the printing press and made a print of the schoolhouse for Owen!  We missed a few buildings, so we are hoping to go back this fall- just mom and Owen next time :)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Smale Riverfront Park! WOW!

We met up with Aunt Hillary and Uncle Steven at Smale Riverfront Park in Downtown Cincinnati. It is amazing!  We will be returning soon!  The kids did not want to leave!  Well done Cincinnati, you are doing some great things, keep up the good work!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cincinnati Museum Center

We just bought a membership to the Cincinnati Museum Center and went for our first time today!  We stayed for about 3 hours and didn't even see everything!  The kids loved the water area, huge dinosaur, animal bones, fish tanks, sand area, ball area and pretend play centers.  We bought a pass where we can take a guest for free with us anytime, so let us know if you want to go with us!