Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween 2014

Owen enjoyed Halloween this year.  He went to his first Halloween party and loved it!  He dressed as a fireman and went Trick or Treating with his cousins, Jane & Evan.  Eva momentarily dressed as a pumpkin, but stayed at home with Daddy and Ian this year.  Ian was supposed to be a pumpkin too, but we never got around to putting the outfit on him and taking pictures :(  Beggar's night was quite frigid, but Owen and his cousins did well!

Donut eating- NO HANDS ALLOWED!

Three- legged race- not bad for a couple 4 year olds!

Ian 2 months, Eva 21 months

Well Ian is almost 3 months old, but here is his 2 month post... a little late :(  We are busy having fun,  reading, eating, changing diapers, soothing a crying baby (and toddler), and working on our basement office/quiet space.  Ian is quite popular with Owen and Eva.  They like to take turns holding him, sticking their fingers in his mouth, and trying to give him toys.  Eva especially loves giving him pretend food on a spoon.  Owen is very helpful, since he has already had practice with a baby at home.  I'll say I am going to feed Ian and Owen says, "let me get your feeding pillow and burp cloth for you."  So sweet!  Having three kiddos isn't as crazy as we had imagined, but there are some rough days.  Days where it seems like the kids are taking turns crying, and those times when they are all crying at the same time.  I try to just smile and then things get better :) ... because they usually all take naps on days like these!  It is more difficult to get out the door (on time) with three, but we are managing.  I take Owen to Preschool story time at the library once a week.  He loves this!  Eva stays busy during story time by bringing me several books to put in a stack and reading(flipping pages) Dr. Seuss books- which reminds me... she is so addicted to flipping pages in books right now that she has developed a sore on her flipping thumb!  Ian usually is cuddled up asleep in our Moby wrap or spending time with Grandma while I take the others to the library.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are staying warm :)  We just started up the fireplace this weekend!  I love it!