Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eva 17 months

Eva is 17 months now.  I will do a full update at 18 months, but I needed to tell everyone how big this girl is getting!  Eva has really picked up her vocabulary and can now say a handful of words fairly consistently.  They are: uh-oh, bye bye, daddy, mama, papa, peace, bird, fish, watch, teeth, dog, geez.  She also tries to sing along to the ABC song with Owen and me.  She is a strong willed girl, that seems to cry anytime she isn't understood and/or doesn't get what she wants.  This is often :(  Eva loves to laugh with her brother and mimic anything that he does.  They began sharing a room a few weeks ago.  It is fun to watch them communicate and play before they fall asleep.  She often likes to scream and yell to try to wake him in the mornings too! Ugh!  Eva is sturdy and very physically capable.  Her latest strength move is swinging on the bar on our trampoline, like Owen.  She had her first set of stitches at 15 months.  Owen (accidentally- for the record) hit her with a golf club in the forehead.  It has healed now, but left a decent scar.  I am sure this will be the first of many injuries for her, for how hard she plays!

Cincinnati Zoo 2014

We took a trip with both kids to the Cincinnati Zoo this past weekend.  It was a perfect day!  Owen and Eva enjoyed all of the animals.  The highlight of the trip for Owen was the train ride!