Sunday, June 22, 2014

Owen is 4!

Owen had a wonderful 4th birthday :)  The age of three was trying at times.  This boy is full of energy, yet exhausted most of the time.  Naps stopped for us around age 3.5yrs.  He still does a quiet time and enjoys doing Legos and playing with cars during this period.  Owen is a kind soul, always stopping to help out, pick up trash, straighten something up, etc.  He loves his little sister, but struggles when she messes something up or takes a toy that he wants.  His favorite things right now are: Cars, Legos, playing outside- digging in dirt, playing in sand and helping in the garden, the color red, going to garage sales, riding his tricycle, going down hills in his wagon (he has become very brave), reading books and watching Mighty Machines and Mater's Tall Tales (he refuses to watch other movies on the grounds they are too dark and scary).  He still has trouble focusing to eat a decent meal.  He would rather play around, make sounds, laugh and lay on the table than eat- so frustrating!  He seems to like Eggo waffles in the morning (probably because he can make them himself!), blueberries are a favorite fruit, hot chocolate is how he prefers his milk (like his Grandma!), cranberries and honey roasted cashews are his favorite snack and his favorite dessert is an ice cream cone with sprinkles!

Owen's vocabulary and intelligence amaze me- but what mom isn't impressed by their child's smarts?  The connections he makes between one conversation to the next are awesome.  His memory is incredible!  I am interested to see what he grows up to be- maybe a car designer, landscaper or a construction worker.

Did you know that in one year Owen goes to Kindergarten?!? Crazy!
Looking Good, Owen!

Mommy made a Pinterest cake... again.  Owen LOVES sprinkles, so this was pretty exciting for him!

Donuts for his birthday breakfast!

Thanks for the shovel Mila & Kellen!

So happy that we are singing Happy Birthday to HIM!

Eva liked the singing too!

Playing with one of his favorite toys- a remote control car!
What a cool kid!