Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is on its way & Eva 13 months!

It has been quite a snowy winter this year.  The snow has been pretty to look at, but just wouldn't go away!  We think it is finally gone for good.  There have been a few warm days recently, promising spring is around the corner.  Our kids have loved being able to get back outside.  Owen works so hard in the gravel and dirt.  He has missed it dearly.  Eva is starting to get a little more trustworthy when it comes to putting rocks, dirt and leaves in her mouth, so I am able to let her down more to explore.  What she really wants to do though, is constantly practice her walking skills on the new terrain.

Eva is still preferring to crawl full time, but is becoming braver as a walker.  She just stood up from sitting for the first time this weekend (13 months 1 week).  She is beginning to pretend more and loves loading Owen's trucks up with stuff.  It is nice to see them interacting and laughing at one another.  They both think they are pretty hilarious!  She also tries so hard to have conversations with us.  She intently looks at us and just jabbers away.  I can't wait until we can understand what she is telling us!  Eva's favorite toy right now is a doll she got from her cousins for her birthday.  She gives it hugs and kisses and cuddles with it.  So sweet!  Now she has begun giving Owen good hugs and patting him on the back :) Eva has recently decided to take only one nap per day... a very sudden change for her.  She gets so tired in the evenings though and still typically goes to bed around 6 or 6:30.  I recently measured her: 16.4 pounds and 28 inches tall.  Still very petite for her age!  

My favorite thing Owen says right now is "Mom, look, your prettiness is here!"  He is referring to either the sunset or the sunrise each day.  I think it is so sweet that he takes the time to point this out to me each day :)  Owen has been taking gymnastics class for the past month- once per week.  He has enjoyed interacting with other kids his age, but has had a lot of difficulty listening to the teachers and staying with the group.  He loves to run off and play on the equipment and hide behind the mats.  We are going to hold off for awhile before we enroll him in another class!  We don't think he was quite ready.  He has also been working on his swimming skills at the Y with dad.  At first he didn't want to let go of daddy, but he has worked up to putting his face under water!  He will now also walk in the shallow end without holding onto daddy.  It has been a slow process, but they are making progress!

I am posting some more pictures from Eva's birthday and Eva's first sucker- she LOVED it!  Hope everyone is doing well!