Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa Visit

Our family went to have breakfast with Santa this morning at Daddy's work.  After preparing all week to talk with Santa (mom wearing a Santa hat and pretending to be the jolly old fellow), Owen did a fantastic job!  He insisted on showing him his Mater and told him he wanted a tanker truck for Christmas.  This was Owen's first official visit with Santa.  Eva hung with mom and dad to take photos.  We figured sitting with Santa would be terrifying for her, just like going to any other adult aside from mom or dad.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Eva- 10 months

Owen posing for a pic, doing 'balance tricks'!

Eva is getting very mobile.  She is starting to do some walking with our walker and holding onto our hands.  We are thinking she'll be walking around Christmastime.  She is also very vocal.  She screams when she is in the left in the highchair for a second without food.  Laughing with her brother is still a favorite game.  She will dance to any music that she hears and has rhythm- something she did not genetically inherit.

Thanksgiving was full of visiting family and friends.  Owen & Eva liked seeing all of their cousins. Owen went to see his first movie at a theater with Daddy and did very well.  They saw Free Birds, and decided Pizza would be a excellent Thanksgiving meal!  He loved the buttery popcorn and Dr. Pepper :)

Owen is looking forward to Christmas this year and is going to try to sit on Santa's lap tomorrow at Daddy's work.  We've been practicing and hope he can be brave!  He wants trucks for Christmas... all different kinds- monster trucks, tankers and flat bed dumpers.

Owen and Eva are beginning to really act like siblings.  She is able to do more, like knocking towers over, grabbing cars, pulling hair, chewing on everything and messing stuff up.  All of this makes Owen very angry, so we are working on appropriate ways to deal with this.  He likes to push her away, throw things, hit and scream.  I am hoping he will learn to be calm and go with the flow soon, but chances are it won't happen :(

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Love, the Dursch Family- Andy, Kris, Owen & Eva