Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eva 8 months

What a beautiful fall here at the Dursch house!  Eva and Owen are doing well.  They are getting along just like brothers and sisters do :)  They laugh with each other, cheer each other up, steal each other's toys and provoke one another to tears...  Mostly they are kind to one another and have an incredible amount of fun!  Owen has loved seeing all of the John Deere harvesting equipment pass by our house each day.  The combines are so huge!  His favorite things to do outside right now are walking his bike around the yard, playing construction in our driveway, throwing rocks and walnuts in the creek and helping daddy with yard work.  Eva loves watching the dogs play and grabbing their hair, crawling in the grass to find things to eat, riding on the Gator and sitting in the wagon.

Eva is reaching her 8 month milestones beautifully!  She is pulling up to stand, speed crawling, trying to wave bye-bye, saying mama when she cries, sleeping through the night, eating large quantities of food and getting her first tooth!