Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eva 6 months!

Eva had her 6 month checkup and all looked good.  She is getting very strong and is preparing herself to crawl by bouncing on her knees.  Owen provides great motivation as he plays cars close enough to taunt her but far enough so she can't reach.  He is in for a real surprise when she is able to get into all of his stuff!  Right now she is getting places by rolling and pushing herself backwards.  She is quite silly and tries to get caught under things and in corners!  She is still very distractible while nursing and always stops to look for daddy when she hears his voice.  We began real food this week, rice cereal, bananas and sweet potatoes.  Bananas were too sweet for her, but the cereal and sweet potatoes are a hit!  She took to the spoon very quickly :)

Owen is still doing a wonderful job helping his little sister out whenever he can.  He takes the dangerous toys from her and replaces it with something more baby-friendly, but asks me "Is this ok for her to play with mommy?"  What a responsible child we are raising!