Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Owen is THREE!!!

This handsome, intelligent, witty son of ours turned 3 this week :)  Words cannot describe how amazing this kid is.  We are so very fortunate to have him in our lives.

 Owen got a huge barn from Papa Dursch for his birthday.  Now he has a place to store his massive John Deere collection!  He also received a fire station for his cars, Mack from Cars, Painting Supplies, books, a PlayDoh Pizza Maker, magnetic letters, a tea set and a John Deere excavator.  What a lucky boy!
Owen had his 3 year checkup.  He weighs 24.8 pounds and is 36 inches tall.  His visit with the heart doctor went well too!  We don't have to go back for another 2 years :)  Hooray for good doctor visits!

Eva is 4 months!


Eva on the Beach
Owen flying!

We went on our first family trip with Eva around Memorial Day weekend.  We stayed with the Dursch Family on Siesta Key, FL.  We left after dinner and the kids did great on the way down- it took us a little over 16 hours.  Owen liked to wake up at rest stops and ask, "what are we doing here again?" Apparently they all look the same to him.  He enjoyed watching some movies in the car and Eva did a lot of sleeping.  It was a beautiful vacation.  We spent most days out at the beach or pool at 9 am, then back about an hour later, because of Eva- babies don't do so well with superfine Siesta sand and sunshine.  The house we stayed in had a pool that was great for all of the Dursch cousins to play in.  Owen did okay in the water, still insisting on being attached to mom or dad or sitting on the edge dumping buckets of water back and forth.  Eva got in the pool a couple of times and seemed to like it.  The trip back took way longer, almost 19 hours.  We were so ready to be home!  Mom and Dad and the kids did not do as well on the way home.  We are hoping to have a van by the next trip so we can be a bit more comfortable :)

Look at the beautiful beach!  Grandma & Papa with their grandkids!
Dursch kiddos resting :)