Saturday, May 11, 2013

Eva is 3 months!

Eva is doing well.  She started out a pretty fussy, with a lot of spitting up, crying, general unhappiness and some weight loss.  The doctor said it sounded like an allergy.  I cut out dairy and most soy from my diet one month ago and she seems to be doing much better, thankfully.  Eva sometimes sleeps through the night, but will wake up between 3 and 5 am most nights.  She has been getting much stronger and can sit up on the couch or in our laps without toppling over right away.  Smiles are more common now.  She will even start babbling when she is in an especially good mood.

Owen has been quite helpful with her.  He can always see to locate her pacifier or burp cloths in times of need :)  He is very gentle with Eva, likes to hold her and tries to help me pick her up.  He loves to play with all of his old toys we have gotten out for her, but still plays for hours each day with his Hot Wheels car collection.  Throwing rocks into the creek with his cousin Evan is now his favorite outside activity.  Pretend play is getting pretty creative.  Owen loves making noises like all the trucks and outdoor tools he hears.  We love being out near cornfields- John Deere combines & tractors pass by all the time- we are so lucky!