Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa Visit

Our family went to have breakfast with Santa this morning at Daddy's work.  After preparing all week to talk with Santa (mom wearing a Santa hat and pretending to be the jolly old fellow), Owen did a fantastic job!  He insisted on showing him his Mater and told him he wanted a tanker truck for Christmas.  This was Owen's first official visit with Santa.  Eva hung with mom and dad to take photos.  We figured sitting with Santa would be terrifying for her, just like going to any other adult aside from mom or dad.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Eva- 10 months

Owen posing for a pic, doing 'balance tricks'!

Eva is getting very mobile.  She is starting to do some walking with our walker and holding onto our hands.  We are thinking she'll be walking around Christmastime.  She is also very vocal.  She screams when she is in the left in the highchair for a second without food.  Laughing with her brother is still a favorite game.  She will dance to any music that she hears and has rhythm- something she did not genetically inherit.

Thanksgiving was full of visiting family and friends.  Owen & Eva liked seeing all of their cousins. Owen went to see his first movie at a theater with Daddy and did very well.  They saw Free Birds, and decided Pizza would be a excellent Thanksgiving meal!  He loved the buttery popcorn and Dr. Pepper :)

Owen is looking forward to Christmas this year and is going to try to sit on Santa's lap tomorrow at Daddy's work.  We've been practicing and hope he can be brave!  He wants trucks for Christmas... all different kinds- monster trucks, tankers and flat bed dumpers.

Owen and Eva are beginning to really act like siblings.  She is able to do more, like knocking towers over, grabbing cars, pulling hair, chewing on everything and messing stuff up.  All of this makes Owen very angry, so we are working on appropriate ways to deal with this.  He likes to push her away, throw things, hit and scream.  I am hoping he will learn to be calm and go with the flow soon, but chances are it won't happen :(

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Love, the Dursch Family- Andy, Kris, Owen & Eva

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eva is 9 months old

The kiddos are doing well.  Eva is getting so sturdy as she cruises.  We feel like she will be walking in the next couple months.  Her favorite thing to do right now is locate a pair of dirty shoes and chew on them.  Then, she tries to crawl away really fast when we come to get her.  She seems to want to eat everything and loves to pull hair and skin.  Owen is often concerned with what Eva is doing and typically reports to me if he feels she is in danger.  Pretty handy to have around :)

Eva is really into finger foods currently and would rather do without purees.  Her favorites are crackers, bread and Cheerios.  She seems to like broccoli, mushrooms and zucchini too.  She finds fruits difficult to pick up and pushes them to the side.  Nursing right now is a challenge as she likes to kick, play and look for Owen while eating.  We usually have the best luck in the morning and evening.  She is starting to get better at using a sippy cup.

Eva loves bath time and does really well in the water.  She and Owen have taken baths together since she was sitting up (around 6 months).  They have a lot of fun splashing around!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eva 8 months

What a beautiful fall here at the Dursch house!  Eva and Owen are doing well.  They are getting along just like brothers and sisters do :)  They laugh with each other, cheer each other up, steal each other's toys and provoke one another to tears...  Mostly they are kind to one another and have an incredible amount of fun!  Owen has loved seeing all of the John Deere harvesting equipment pass by our house each day.  The combines are so huge!  His favorite things to do outside right now are walking his bike around the yard, playing construction in our driveway, throwing rocks and walnuts in the creek and helping daddy with yard work.  Eva loves watching the dogs play and grabbing their hair, crawling in the grass to find things to eat, riding on the Gator and sitting in the wagon.

Eva is reaching her 8 month milestones beautifully!  She is pulling up to stand, speed crawling, trying to wave bye-bye, saying mama when she cries, sleeping through the night, eating large quantities of food and getting her first tooth!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7 months

Eva turned 7 months recently.  As predicted last month, she began crawling right at the 7 month mark.  Wow, can she move!  Eva is all over the place and now even beginning to pull up to stand when at the fireplace or on mommy.  She is still very distractible while nursing, getting the best feedings in the early hours of the day or late evening.  Eva seems to love the purees and cereals.  We introduced her to puffs to work on her grasp to eat finger foods and she quickly grabs a handful off the tray like someone is going to steal them!  She takes in a lot of food at meals and soon will be packing on the pounds.

Eva with Grandma Dursch

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eva 6 months!

Eva had her 6 month checkup and all looked good.  She is getting very strong and is preparing herself to crawl by bouncing on her knees.  Owen provides great motivation as he plays cars close enough to taunt her but far enough so she can't reach.  He is in for a real surprise when she is able to get into all of his stuff!  Right now she is getting places by rolling and pushing herself backwards.  She is quite silly and tries to get caught under things and in corners!  She is still very distractible while nursing and always stops to look for daddy when she hears his voice.  We began real food this week, rice cereal, bananas and sweet potatoes.  Bananas were too sweet for her, but the cereal and sweet potatoes are a hit!  She took to the spoon very quickly :)

Owen is still doing a wonderful job helping his little sister out whenever he can.  He takes the dangerous toys from her and replaces it with something more baby-friendly, but asks me "Is this ok for her to play with mommy?"  What a responsible child we are raising!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Owen is THREE!!!

This handsome, intelligent, witty son of ours turned 3 this week :)  Words cannot describe how amazing this kid is.  We are so very fortunate to have him in our lives.

 Owen got a huge barn from Papa Dursch for his birthday.  Now he has a place to store his massive John Deere collection!  He also received a fire station for his cars, Mack from Cars, Painting Supplies, books, a PlayDoh Pizza Maker, magnetic letters, a tea set and a John Deere excavator.  What a lucky boy!
Owen had his 3 year checkup.  He weighs 24.8 pounds and is 36 inches tall.  His visit with the heart doctor went well too!  We don't have to go back for another 2 years :)  Hooray for good doctor visits!